Oakland County, Michigan partners with SewerAI to enhance inspections

Nov. 2, 2023
Oakland County is partnering with SewerAI to implement AI software to assess pipe conditions, optimizing the inspection process.

Oakland County, Michigan has announced a new partnership with SewerAI to use artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect pipes.

Oakland County is the first municipality in Michigan to partner with SewerAI. The partnership began in April 2023 with the goal of embracing technology and innovation in the sewer industry.

“By leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, we can see potential issues with sewer pipes before they reach crisis levels. By optimizing efficiency, we are protecting the environment and ensuring a healthier, more sustainable future for our communities,” said Jim Nash, Oakland County water resources commissioner. “SewerAI is revolutionizing the way sewer pipes are inspected and maintained.”

AI-assisted pipe inspections can help to optimize inspection processes, enable early detection of issues, streamline inspections and data analysis, and provide accurate and consistent data.

Previously, Oakland County’s sewer maintenance crews would note any irregularities or defects of a pipe’s interior by manually inspecting videos captured by closed-circuit television. Now those videos are uploaded to SewerAI, which uses its proprietary AI software to assess the pipe’s condition. Using machine-based learning, SewerAI can integrate with existing hardware, to examine underground infrastructure and identify abnormalities.


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