Corrugated Steel Pipe Wins at Sporting Development

Aug. 27, 2015

LakePoint Sporting Community is located off Interstate 75 in Emerson, Ga., just 30 minutes north of Atlanta. With more than a million visitors in its first year, LakePoint is quickly becoming one of the world’s largest unique destinations for travel sports. In addition to team sports, it provides activities for the whole family, including bowling, zip lines, water parks and more. 

The sports development comprises more than 1,300 acres nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains and is adjacent to beautiful Lake Allatoona. Due to the grand nature of the sporting complex, LakePoint needed a storm sewer system capable of handling the excess storm water runoff from the planned paved streets, parking lots and ballfields. 

After consulting with Contech Engineered Solutions, a member of the Southeastern Corrugated Steel Pipe Assn., the project engineer, Doulgerakis Consulting Engineers, opted for an aluminized steel Type 2 (ALT2) spiral rib pipe storm sewer system, which would provide an economical solution for LakePoint. The increased lay lengths of the corrugated steel pipe sections required fewer joints, resulting in fast installation. The ALT2 is expected to provide a service life in excess of 100 years.

The storm sewer system would be installed parallel to the highway, so it was critical that all the structural loading conditions be considered. Doulgerakis designed the system utilizing the appropriate connecting bands, backfill material, compaction requirements and protective coatings to ensure a high-quality installation. In total, 2,400 ln ft of the storm system were installed using spiral rib in diameters ranging from 36 in. to a larger 90-in. section, thus enabling a lower installation cost and a significant reduction in the installation time. 

The project contractor, John D. Stephens Inc., was pleased with the ease of installation offered by the light weight of the ALT2 spiral rib pipe. Andy Cook of John D. Stephens said, “Given Contech’s capability of making the pipe joints in 40-ft lengths, our laying time for each joint decreased by almost 30% and provided a substantial cost savings to the owner over the use of [another material].”

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