Delmont Pennsylvania stormwater fees will begin in 2025

May 17, 2024
According to a newly formed stormwater authority in Delmont, Pennsylvania, a stormwater fee will be assessed to property owners beginning 2025.

A new stormwater authority in Delmont Pennsylvania will function as a utility and assess a stormwater fee on property owners.

The fee will be calculated on the amount of impervious surface on a given property with the goal of assessing a stormwater fee on property owners.

Councilman and authority board President Stan Cheyne stated in an article that the community has state-mandated pollution reduction plans, which is part of being an MS4 community.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued the Borough of Delmont an NPDES Individual Permit for stormwater discharges from its small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).

The Borough’s MS4 system is inclusive of inlets, catch basins, storm sewer pipes, swales, and stormwater detention facilities.

The MS4 permit regulates discharges from the Borough’s MS4 to the water of the commonwealth with the intent of reducing the discharge of pollutants and increasing water quality to the maximum extent possible.

The stormwater authority will be working with local engineer Morris Knowles & Associates to survey properties and ultimately determine how the fee is calculated and assessed.

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