Flood Control

Why officials should consider machine learning live modeling to prepare for flooding  

Dec. 8, 2023
For short-term flood forecasting in real-time, officials are turning toward machine learning live modeling.
Photo by Kimberly Lopes, courtesy USACE Seattle District.
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Photo courtesy New York City Department of Environmental Protection.
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Microplastics that were fragmented from larger plastics are called secondary microplastics; they are known as primary microplastics if they originate from small size produced industrial beads, care products or textile fibers.
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Photos courtesy Chino Basin Water Reclamation District.
From left: Matt Hacker, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; Marco Tule, Inland Empire Utilities Agency Board President; Gil Aldaco, Chino Basin Water Conservation District Board Treasurer; Curt Hagman, San Bernardino County Supervisor; Elizabeth Skrzat, CBWCD General Manager; Mark Ligtenberg, CBWCD Board President; Kati Parker, CBWCD Board Vice President; Teri Layton, CBWCD Board member; Amanda Coker, CBWCD Board member.