May 2019

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Estimating Parameters for an Effective Sediment Basin/Trap

July 2, 2019
The only best management practice (BMP) that creates optimal conditions for removing significant amounts of sediment from runoff waters is a properly designed, installed, and ...
Vegetation Management

A Plan for Vegetation Management

March 22, 2019
Everyone knows that established vegetation is one of the best stormwater management and erosion control tools that can be found. Nothing beats vegetation for slowing water flow...
Vegetation Management

Causes and Remedies for Coastal Erosion

March 22, 2019
A Sea Change on the Bays and Beaches Carbon doesn’t exactly make the world go round, but it is what makes it all hum. For billions of years, carbon-hydrogen bonds have captured...
Vegetation Management

Stabilizing Water Channels

March 22, 2019
On some erosion control projects, “soft-armor” methods like willow stakes and coir logs aren’t strong enough on their own to control the forces of water. An example of such a ...
Sediment Control

Containing Contaminants

March 22, 2019
Damming for Charity For the last 37 years, the small town of DePue, IL, has been home to the DePue Men’s Club, a nonprofit organization focused on community leadership. With emphasis...