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  • September/October 2023
  • September/October 2023

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    A Walk in the Park

    Sept. 19, 2023
    A few weeks ago, a friend and I were taking a walk around Chicago's Lincoln Park when we came to the North Pond Sanctuary, which was partially under construction. At first glance...
    The pump network has the capacity to pump 4,770,000 gallons a minute – the equivalent of filling 8.7 regulation Olympic-sized swimming pools in just 60 seconds.
    Flood Control

    Philadelphia brand helps protect Texas Gulf Coast from hurricane flooding

    Sept. 19, 2023
    In September 2019, residents in Surfside Beach, Texas, and surrounding areas prepared for a state of emergency as Hurricane Dorian approached. While the storm did not turn out...
    Three of the BMPs used in this project were traditional land-based systems facilities, including bioretention, rain gardens and downspout rain barrels.
    Green Infrastructure

    Bioretention practices aid in Glenmont Forest Green Street project

    As a part of Montgomery County Maryland's effort to protect local waters, the Glenmont Forest neighborhood was selected for a Green Street project. The residential subdivision...
    BMP Inc.
    BMP offers a 'Marina Kit' which includes a 12-inch SNOUT and a Bio-Skirt.
    Stormwater BMPs

    Stormwater hoods help marina become environmental steward

    Protecting Chesapeake Bay is not a commitment to be taken lightly, says Jim High, a former owner of the Baltimore Boating Center in Essex, Maryland, and current publisher of Upper...
    Mayer Specialty Services pulls a spinner spraying Storm Seal using a winch and electric control panel through a CMP in Hays, Kansas.
    Case Studies

    Spray-applied lining prevents dig-and-replace in Kansas

    When a cavity was discovered in an aging roadway in Hays, Kansas — thankfully, before any damage could occur to the cars overhead — the city determined the cause to be a 48-inch...

    More content from September/October 2023

    Presto Geosystems
    The suite of geotechnical calculation tools help complete evaluations using geocells, porous pavements and construction mats.

    New portal transforms porous pavement projects

    Sept. 19, 2023
    Determine the best porous pavement option for your project’s site conditions and expected use with the new Presto Geo P3 project planning portal.Presto Geo P3 is a free, web-based...
    Five of the eight acres were 2 to 1 slopes, which were over sprayed with the canon after the slopes were hosed with three-man crews.
    Case Studies

    Advanced erosion solutions score on soccer complex erosion control project

    Sept. 19, 2023
    When a new soccer complex opened recently in the town of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, the first to score was not a player on any of the eight fields, or the new hotel, business park...
    Jason Hetrick, McCormick Taylor, Inc, and City of Aiken.

    South Carolina-based project manages runoff from urban forest

    Sept. 19, 2023
    Located in the heart of Aikek, South Carolina, Hitchcock Woods is one of the nation’s largest urban forests and hometo many rare, endangered threatened species. For decades, the...
    Plastic Solutions
    The reduced shipment size resulted in more than a 60% reduction in the footprint.
    Case Studies

    Company provides solutions to overcome complexities of stormwater management logistics

    Sept. 19, 2023
    Project logistics and staging materials for installation in stormwater management projects can often add significant unbudgeted costs to projects. This example between Plastic...
    Photo 76818434 © Kitti Kahotong | Dreamstime.com
    Soil pH can affect the activation of fertilizers by altering the availability of many nutrients and can affect the activity of soil microbes.
    Vegetation Management

    Soil pH, organic matter & texture: The key factors for successful vegetation establishment

    Sept. 19, 2023
    When it comes to establishing sustainable vegetation, understanding the soil and its makeup is crucial.
    Figure 1- Old Fred Rd Road (Bird’s Eye View)
    Sewers & Drainage Systems

    Hydraulic modeling approaches in drainage design and water resources engineering

    Sept. 19, 2023
    How hydraulic modeling can help engineers better understand interactions between water and infrastructure.
    The Hollenbeck Park Lake Rehabilitation Project is expected to capture 347.7 acre-feet of runoff annually.
    Stormwater Management

    Los Angeles’ stormwater capture project investment to improve stormwater quality & water supply

    Sept. 19, 2023
    Two Los Angeles projects will aim to improve water quality, replenish LA’s groundwater basins and increase recreational benefits.
    Photo 34269027 © Kelemen Tamas | Dreamstime.com
    GSI can be a method to reduce peak flows and capture runoff from major wet weather events.
    Green Infrastructure

    How to utilize green stormwater infrastructure for improved water quality & flood risk reduction

    Sept. 19, 2023
    Green infrastructure can be used to reduce peak flows and capture runoff from major wet weather events and more.
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    Dreamstime Xl 121165330
    Transportation & Construction

    The role of stormwater in resilience planning for transportation systems

    Sept. 19, 2023
    With an understanding of future weather patterns, the industry is poised to build resilient systems.